Friday, February 17, 2012

20 Different Directions at Once

I started this post in January, but never posted it. Busy life, no time for computer. Anyway I am intending to pay more attention to the blog and get back into it. Here it is!

You know how it is when you finish something, and can hardly wait to start something else? I have been in a frenzy working on all my Christmas presents. Alas,  a couple people got items still in progress. Like Lorrie, whose socks still had knitting needles in them. I finished quite a few things, including some UFO's which I gave as Christmas presents.

I knitted socks for my Dad.
I knitted thrum mittens for my niece Leah. And started two more pairs for siblings Ethan and Ayda. Sadly not finished, but they will get them by the end of January.
I made handbags for friends and family.

I finished my snowflake quilt and gifted it to my son-in-law.

Finished my Mexican Star quilt, which was gifted to Lynda, who stays in Mexico every year for 2-3 months.

Now it is New Year's Day. I feel like going off on several different paths at once. I want to knit, embroider, quilt, spin, crochet, paint etc. There are so many possibilities! And I have so much stash to use up. Of course, that does not prevent me from acquiring more stash. I think I need to have another rummage through the lot and generate some shame. Then I will get back on my "do not buy more stuff" wagon again. I was doing really, really well for 3 or 4 months. And then I went to Fabricland. I think the key is not to put myself in temptation's way. I have no willpower at all. I know this. I have been deleting all the e-mails from Elann, Knitpicks, Treenway Silks, and  the Nordic Needle without opening them. That is the only thing that saves me. I love internet shopping. And don't even talk about being able to fondle the fibres in person.

I have decided, in honor of my recent 45th birthday, to reinstate "The Year of ME" once again. For my 40th year, I decided I was going to finish all the UFO's I could that were languishing because they were not gifts for others, but for me personally. I rarely finish objects made for myself because I have no deadlines for myself. I spent most of the year finishing items that were presents for myself. It was very nice.

What objects should be on the roster??? Hmmm. I think I should pick at least one project in each of my interests. Maybe 12 in all, one for each month. Or is that too ambitious?

1. The Kiss. Cross stitch started at least 18 years ago. I think it may be the oldest UFO on my list.

2. Dreamcatcher. Another cross stitch project dating back about 12 years.

3. Santa's Midnight Runner. Made one as a present, never finished my own.

Santa's Midnight Runner

4. Christmas Bellpull, quilted. Ditto.

5. Sweater in need of sewing up and button band.

6. Shiri Mor gloves. Lost interest after 1.25 gloves completed. Should try to get these done for winter.
7. Uniforms. Not interesting but would be useful for work. Would only take a couple of days to finish.
8. Cat Bordi's socks. A concentrating project

9. Lace mystery shawl.

10. Felt purse. Embroidery complete. Needs to be put together.
11. Tanja Berlin's Red Fox. From EAC Seminar at least 3 years ago. Threadpainting. I loved this technique. Hopefully I remember how.

12. The Charity Sampler. Also ancient embroidery UFO.

I think I will start this endeavor as of New Years Day 2012. I would have started on my actual birthday, but I was not able able to resist working on Christmas Presents. So I cheated and set my start date a couple weeks late.