Friday, November 26, 2010

Fibre Friday

A Friday to myself.....what to do, what to do...The possibilities are endless. There are the things I should be doing:
And then there are the things I want to do: Such as:
1. Work on my Grandmother's Garden quilt. This is a photo from our November retreat. I worked on this UFO for 2 days, and have not sewed a stitch on anything since.
2. Work on my baby quilt, also pictured above. I brought it to retreat, pinned the blocks up and never sewed a stitch on it. My ambitions are always larger than my time frame.
3. Start my Christmas gifts. Hmm. I am doing it again. Every year, I swear I will not fall victim to what has laughingly become known as "Susan and Cheri's Annual Christmas Panic", and every year I do. Hi, Cheri! Are you panicking yet? In November, it suddenly occurs to me that Christmas is coming, and that I have to make a gift for each of my friends and loved ones, because bought gifts just aren't the same. Then I end up sewing gifts til 1AM Christmas Eve, and wrapping unfinished ones for those closest to me, with promises to finish them by Jan 1st. Every year, my New Year's Resolutions, to finish my UFO's and make a Christmas Present a month, are dusted off with great intentions. Once the memory of sewing quilt binding on until 15 min before I am due at my Mother's for Christmas dinner fades, I go back to my old ways. Will I ever learn? 
4. Spin wool rovings, dyed at my friend Lynda's last month, while watching season one of Glee. Alas, I am a sucker for musicals.

5. Tidy up all the silk embroidery ribbon and thread I dyed this month. I will not need to dye anything more this century. They are just lying around in a glorious tangle, and I need to sort them out desperately.

6. Sit back and admire the yarn I spun and plied yesterday evening:

7. Have all my friends over for tea this afternoon and work on my embroidery. Speaking of embroidery, I finished another project. Oh, I should have deadlines for everything. Retirement gift for Maureen, finished at noon the day of her retirement party, following a last-minute scramble looking for bellpull hardware. I thought I had some but they were too big. Thank goodness Lorrie was in Nanaimo and able to stop by The Stitcher's Muse.

8. Bake cookies for the craft sale tomorrow. Our embroidery group is hosting the luncheon, and I need to provide goodies.

9. Start a new project. I just got a pattern in the mail and it is calling my name. As an added bonus, it could be a Christmas gift as well.

I suspect my day will be filled with a combo of all of the above. I am so fickle.

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  1. I can smell the Christmas goodies and I remember the flour on your nose. Cute nose!
    What amazing UFO's and gorgeous colours of the things you have dyed!!
    Great "Winter Wonderland" project.
    I call for an attack on the broom!! We will take it apart and YES! make it into something so it forgets it's purpose!!!