Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deadlines Again

Well I have my work cut out for me again. A deadline looms and there is a lot of work to be done. I have a queen-sized quilt, a wedding present, to quilt before the 30th of July. The quilt is sandwiched in two sections, which will be united once the quilting is finished on each half. First I have to pick out the mess on one section where the slippery rayon thread popped out of the tension disks on my sewing maching and created a loopy looking chaos on the reverse side. This is likely why very little quilting has been accomplished so far. I hate picking out quilting.

Half of my Fall French Braid Quilt.

 I also have a dress I want to sew for the wedding. And a shawlette I want to knit to go with the dress. Something tells me I will need to pull a couple all-nighters. And get up at 6 AM every day to sew before work. And sew in the evenings after work. Hmm.

Shawlette in Angel by Debbie Bliss. Lovely and soft.

Dress material and pattern. Dress is cut out only. Of course, I am planning on modifying the pattern. Foolish me.

Unfortunately, I keep getting distracted from my tasks at hand by other things.

a) Visitors. My nephew Carson is visiting, and it is impossible to machine quilt and visit at the same time. He will be here til the 25th. He seems content to visit, play cards and relax. A very low maintenance nephew.

b) Knitting things other than the above shawl. My friend Cheri sent me a present from Montreal. She was in a knitting shop, and really wanted a certain Fleece Artist kit for herself. She resisted purchasing it for herself, as she has 4 other projects currently on the go, and has vowed to finish one of them before starting anything new. So she bought it for me. I opened the package, and pretty much started casting on immediately. Cannot stop knitting thrum mittens.

c) Reading. I have been sucked into a series of three books and have been unable to set them down. The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. Thank goodness, they are now finished.

d)Migraine headaches. I think, due to needing new glasses. I have lost 3 perfectly good evenings because I cannot focus.

e)Work. I am working full time until the 29th, doing holiday relief. I should have done more sewing when I had a few days off, instead of reading.

f)Gardening. The garden is growing, I am starting to have to do stuff with the produce. I have to make a bunch of pesto sauce tonight, my basil plants are exploding.

I have also been distracted with a couple new hobbies; painting for one.

Painting of Hesholt Lake in the Winter, from a photo by  Lorrie

.And Canvaswork embroidery for another! Not that I need another hobby.

Winter Chills pattern by Carolyn Mitchell. Love it.

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  1. going on the 26th of July
    back on the 30th of July
    handsome man that Carson is
    beautiful work that u do and wow!!painting now too!!!!