Friday, September 16, 2011

Baby Turns One

Another last minute finish, this time binding stitched on while riding the ferry to visit my Granddaughter, Leota. This quilt was completed in time for her first birthday. Not bad. I had originally planned to make it for a baby shower present a couple weeks after she was born.

Last minute ferry finish

 I love this quilt. I am enchanted by the bright colors, the interesting blocks, the texture etc. I had to use the last piece of my treasured Laurel Burch stripe fabric for the border. It was the only contender in the end.

Bluebird block. Fancy stitching, hand embroidery

Fuzzy sheep. Leota's favorite block. Too cute.

Teddy bear. Machine and hand embroidery, rick rack. What's not to love?

Leota seems to like it almost as much as me. She keeps playing with all the fuzzy fabrics, particularly the sheep block. I think I will make this quilt again. There is another family baby due in January.

Leota and her quilt

Now, on to my next deadline. Another wedding present.


  1. This is such a beautiful quilt! I think the sheep block is my favorite too!

  2. Leota is beautiful...what a lucky girl to have a Grandma quilt such as this!!!
    Gorgeous work:)