Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deadline Looming

I am feverishly working on the Grandmother's Garden Quilt. I have the week off, except for short visits to work to troubleshoot, thank goodness. I just about pulled an all-nighter last night. I decided my goal for the day was to have borders, backing and batting on the border attached and ready for quilting. I worked from noon until 3:30 AM with few breaks, but accomplished my goal! Now I am busy quilting today. My friend Sandra came over and worked on her quilt for a couple hours and kept me company.

Sandra, working on her first quilt

Snowflake block from Sandra's Quilt
I am supposed to be making the same quilt along with her and teaching her as we go. I am teaching, but my quilt is sidelined for now due to quilt show. Today's Goal: to quilt the border, and, if possible, attach binding. Tomorrow and Thursday: hand-sew binding and rod pocket to back. I think I will have to watch a lot of movies while I stitch. It will likely take several hours. I have two sides of the inner border quilted so far. Hopefully today will not require a marathon like yesterday. Wish me luck!

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