Thursday, March 17, 2011

Made It, With Hours to Spare!

The quilt is finished, done, completed at 2PM this afternoon, thanks to my good friends Sandra and Virginia, who dropped by and helped me sew the rod pocket on while I worked on the last of the binding. This quilt is bigger than I thought--about 88 x 110 inches. No wonder it took so long to quilt. Here is a photo, though it does not do it justice.

And finished at 2PM, what a luxury of time I had left! I am ashamed to say that I started casting around for a (new) project to work on right away. I started going through drawers, then reminded myself that I have gloves to finish knitting, a sampler to finish embroidering etc and I have no business looking at the Nordic Needle canvaswork ornament of the month club.
After all, one UFO down means you get to start another project to replace it, right? Hmm. maybe I am missing the point of this blog.

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