Thursday, August 5, 2010

The List, First Edition, Part One: Knitting

Knitting UFO'S

1. Burgundy Coat, not finished due to disliking sewing up seams. Left to do: Sewing up and button bands. Estimated time left to completion, 6 hours.

2. Socks: Milkmaid socks from Cat Bordhi, started in Mexico last year with my own handdyed sock yarn, renamed the Red Hot Chili Pepper Socks in honor of my vacation. Victim of the dreaded single sock syndrome. Recent attempt to finish on this year's vacation foiled by missing page of instructions. Result: every knitter's nightmare--hours in an airport with nothing to knit.

3. Bamboo tank top, started a couple months ago on a whim, after seeing the pattern on Knitty and loving it.  Not sure why, when I had another bamboo sweater on the go. Pattern location currently unknown.

4. Bamboo cardigan, of course I had to change the pattern to eliminate the side seams, who wants to sew up lace in pattern. Not me. Hopefully I can remember the design changes. Hopefully I wrote them down. Pattern location unknown, but likely in the dining room somewhere.

5. Swippers, courtesy of Pearl, of Birkeland Brothers Wool. Victim of second slipper syndrome, or in this case 4th slipper syndrome, as I had to make 2 pair. These must be felted yet, but waiting for the last slipper before commencing. You can knit one of these in an afternoon.

6. Blue Lace Mystery Shawl. A knit-along from at least 3 years ago. Must get back to this , I was having fun with it and love knitting lace. Pattern location likely in dining room. You may ask, why do you keep craft supplies in dining room? Small house, shelves under counter. Nuff said.

7. Dad's Sweater: started after purchasing and dying super bulky gauge yarn. Attempting to design coat based on Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. Was to be a Christmas present, but deadline was too tight so discarded after barely starting the project. Pattern location: In my noggin.
8. Socks pattern by Cat Bordhi, another pattern, while delightful, that requires concentration. Stalled because a) they are for me
b) too much focusing required to work on in company.
9. Turquoise Shawl, based on Evelyn Clark's book Knitted Triangles. Started on a whim because my daughter in law wanted a knitted triangle scarf, and after setting her on the path for it, I started one for myself, having nothing else to knit on hand. Hehe.
10. Light green child's aran sweater, started at least 4 years ago, for a baby who is, oh, at least 4. No picture available at this time.

Child's Aran
11. Fair Isle sweater. This may end up in the frog pond. Trying to knit with both right and left hands and tension is dramatically different between both hands. Practise required. No photo at this time.
12. French Market Basket. Felted project from Knitty. No photo at this time.

13. Green Children's sock. Also victim of SSS. Cat Bordhi pattern with gusset increases in a spiral across the top of the foot.

Other UFO's will likely come to light, once I start thinking about them. This will do for a start.


  1. Susan I went to a wonderful wool shop here. I have 3 different socks on the go. egad. I need help why oh why can't I finish one set at a time. I order a pattern for fingerless gloves while I was there. Of course if the pattern comes in before I have finished the socks I will put it safely in a drawer and not think about it. I will not and I repeat will not even be tempted to start the gloves right a way.