Friday, August 6, 2010

UFO List, Part 2, Embroidery

Embroidery UFO's

This will likely be my largest collection of ufo's. I used to stitch all the time during breaks and slow night shifts at my former job. My new job does not have any scheduled breaks or night shifts, so my stitching has slowed to a crawl. Plus my more recent hobbies of knitting, quilting and eyesight issues that prevent evening stitching are also a factor.

1. Stitching Chair Necessaire: Embroidery stitching finished, just needs assembling. This task is a summer 2010 challenge from my embroidery group. Stalled by need to go shopping for backing fabric to match.

2. Tape measure cover: a project from a mini workshop for our embroidery group. Never looked at again since that fateful Sunday meeting.

3. Cross Stitch Map: A present for Lorrie, my husband. Just a few stitches taken, then never looked at again.

4. Charity Sampler. My second oldest unfinished project. Circa 1986 or so. Don't know why I dumped this, it is beautiful and interesting to work on.

5. The English Cottage Sampler by Theresa Wentzler. She is a demon for multiple color changes, blended threads and partial stitches. Barely started the border. Circa mid eighties as well.

6. Lavender and Lace Angel. Circa 1994 or so. Another beauty.

7. Heirloom Christmas Sampler. I am so fickle. One row only completed. Started after I moved to Texada, and during my quilting period, where most embroidery was ignored in favor of my new hobby.
The stitching is pretty much invisible in this photo, and on the original piece.

8. Dreamcatcher by Lavender and Lace. Abandoned in favor of quilting as well. Plus once I stopped working a job that included night shifts and regular breaks with time to be filled, my embroidery stalled.

9. The Kiss, Miribilia Designs. My oldest UFO. Stalled due to excessive beige and peach boring tiles at the bottom of the piece.

10. N is for Nurse Sampler. Recent UFO, chance of completion high, as it is a gift for retiring colleague in the fall of 2010.

11. Fox by Tanja Berlin, course taken at my first EAC Seminar. Not touched since then. They ran a course last year at Olds, AB where you could bring her unfinished projects from past classes and work on them again. A brilliant idea.

12. Silk Ribbon Garden. Result of yet another class taken at EAC Seminar. Has been worked on a little. Should get back to it, I could likely finish it in 1 -2 afternoons.

13. Crazy Quilt Block, from Gibson's Fibre Arts Class of 2009. Just needs a leetle more embellishment, then it can join the quilting UFO's as I figure out what to make from it. ? a pillow. ?a tote bag. hmmm.

14. Strawberry Sampler. One of my lastest UFO's from a class taken this spring, hosted by the Victoria Needlework Guild. I need to stop taking classes.

15. Silk Sampler. A work in progress stitch along with my needlework guild. We hand dyed our threads and are stitching away on the project as a group.

15. The Love Sampler, with modifications. Emie Bishop design. Colors changed and hardanger designs mirrored. Made as a wedding present for now divorced couple.

16. Hardanger Table Mat. For myself, so not finished.

16. Hardanger piece, self-designed, and stitched for EAC Beginner Counted Thread Course, which I am woefully behind on, as I have done virtually no stitching since November.

16. Schwalm Etui. Course by Jose Hope. Another UFO. I need courses on finishing my courses. No photo at this time.

17. Beaded wreath ornament. TING miniproject. No Photo.
18. Beaded Snowflake ornament. TING miniproject. No Photo.
19. Christmas stocking. No Photo.
20. Violets Sampler, No Photo.
21. Wool Needlebook. Another miniclass. No Photo.
22. Hardanger card club. Started on Las Vegas Trip 2 weeks ago.

More to follow, I am sure.

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